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Robin Crawley
BSc (Hons) FSSCh DipPodMed MBChA

Chiropody and Podiatry in Norwich and Gorleston

Norwich Clinic: 01603 660022

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Ingrowing toenails are nails that cut into the sides of the toes. They can puncture the skin and cause infections.

Often they are caused by involuted nails, which are curved nails that are hard to cut properly. The sides of the nails then cut into the grooves of skin (the sulci) at the sides of the toenails. Often hard skin can form under these nails causing pressure and pain.

Similarly if a nail has been cut improperly or picked, a spike of nail can be left which when it grows up can pierce the skin allowing pathogenic bacteria to enter it causing infection and pain.

Also if tight shoes are regularly worn (such as steel toe caps) or the foot rolls inwards excessively due to excess pronation, pressure can build up on the toe against the nail causing it to be a problem.

When someone has had an ingrowing toenail treated non-surgically, they can often return.

I can permanently remove ingrowing toenails and thick nails which are hard to cut. This is done by performing a minor surgical procedure called Nail Surgery.

To do this you are first assessed for suitability and the procedure is fully explained to you. You then return on the day of surgery and are given a local anaesthetic. This is administered by injecting local anaesthetic in the sides of the affected toe. When the toe is totally numb the whole of the nail, or the side of the nail is removed. A chemical called Phenol is then introduced into the nail bed to ensure that the nail does not re-grow. The toe is then dressed and you return for 2 further redressing appointments. In most cases your problem  nail should now be gone.  All dressings and appointments are included in my nail surgery fee.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss your requirements.

Ingrowing toenails can be very painful and keep returning. I can permanently remove your ingrowing toenails so that they can be problem free.

Nail Surgery for problem and ingrowing toenails