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Robin Crawley
BSc (Hons) FSSCh DipPodMed MBChA

Chiropody and Podiatry in Norwich and Gorleston

Norwich Clinic: 01603 660022

Gorleston Clinic: 01493 442215

Verrucae are warts of the foot. Often they occur underneath the foot, but can grow anywhere on the foot.
If they are underneath the foot they usually grow in because there is nowhere else for them  to grow because you are standing on them. Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus.

I successfully treat hundreds of verrucae every year using a variety of treatments including Cryotherapy (freezing using Nitrous Oxide).
All suitable options are discussed with you prior to treatment.

Ingrowing toenails are treated either conservatively using minute section (I cut a small piece of nail out to alleviate the pain), or I remove them  permanently under local anaesthesia. The nail bed is then treated with Phenol to prevent nail re-growth.

Fungal toenails are treated using a variety of methods. Thick nails are reduced to a manageable size. Athlete’s foot is a fungal condition which can be treated.

Calluses are reduced and filed down so that they are nice and smooth. Corns (which are plugs of dead skin which go beneath the healthy skin) can be removed. Calluses and Corns can often return is the cause is not eliminated, i.e. inappropriate footwear or poor Biomechanics.

Foot Pains and Heel Pains are often treated by using Orthotics, Foot Manipulation and Mobilisation, Ultrasound and exercises.

Diabetic feet should be checked regularly for problems which can lead to infections and tissue breakdown. I treat many patients who have Diabetes.

I also treat many people who just want some of pampering!

I treat most common foot problems.
For example verruca, ingrowing toenails, fungal toe nails, callus (hard skin), corns, athlete’s foot, foot pain, heel pain and diabetic feet.

Foot Care