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Robin Crawley
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Chiropody and Podiatry in Norwich and Gorleston

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Bespoke Orthotics are made individually depending on each patient’s requirements. They can be made to fit most footwear including boots, brogues, court shoes and trainers. People of all ages and abilities wear orthotics. They are used to assist a wide variety of foot problems.

The human foot is better adapted to walk on soft natural surfaces such as sand and earth. However most of the time we walk on hard flat surfaces such as pavement. This can cause our feet to Pronate (roll inwards) or to Supinate (roll outwards). If this happens excessively, problems can develop.

The word “Orthotic” comes from the Greek word meaning straight. Thus orthotics help to hold the foot in a more “neutral” position. Otherwise if the foot is misaligned, it can cause more wear and tear on our bodies. Pains can develop in our feet, knees and back. Holding the foot in a more neutral position to reduce excessive Supination or Pronation can help to improve  your posture and relieve many complaints.

Orthotics can be beneficial for a range of foot, back, leg and knee problems. These include:

Bespoke Orthotics are made specifically for you

Podiatric Biomechanics is the science of foot function and movement. Orthotics are arch supports which go inside your shoes. They realign the body and redistribute the weight so the the foot can function in more optimal manner. These are invaluable if you suffer from foot pain!

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